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Gift Certificates available for any event & and makes for a great gift!

My artwork is an open book.  Please email me with ANY questions or comments.

Things I will be asking in future emails if you are wanting a piece of custom artwork from me:

- *Subject Line should be:

"Pet portrait order", "Paper Flower order" "Tattoo Design" etc....

- What is your deadline?

- What is your price range?

- What colors would you like me to                incorporate?

- What is the occasion?

- How did you find out about me?

Ordering a Pet portrait?

Email with photos of your pet! Send up to 10 with emphasis on your top 3 pics.


On occasion, I am asked to donate a gift certificate to local, non profit rescue groups. If you are a rescue group and are hosting an event in the Seattle area, please do not hesitate to contact me. For silent auctions, I usually include a framed 'example' portrait of the size donated, a booklet of most recent works for display (both should be returned after event has passed) and business cards.