Portrait Prices & Info

Portraits are based on pictures sent to me by you, and the detail of the painting is in direct relation to the detail and quality of your photos.  If possible, extra photos are suggested to capture more detail and personality of your pet.  To ensure proper copyright, if pictures are professionally taken, permission to use photos by photographer is needed.

Mediums to choose from: 

  • Pastel Chalk

  • Acrylic on Canvas

  • Pencils

Acrylic Paint on Canvas

  • Ready to hang!

  • Handmade custom size stretched canvas

  • Protective spray to keep moisture, sunlight, dust from damage over time.

Sizes & Prices for acrylic:

5" x 5" ....... $150

8" x 10" ..... $200

11" x 14" .... $275

12" x 12"..... $275

12" x 16" ... $300*

18" x 24" ....$400*

20" x 20"... $400

12" x 36" ... $450*

24" x 48" ... $550

48" x 48" ... $600

*best size for multiple subjects

Pastels & Mixed Media

  • Inexpensive

  • Must be framed under glass

  • Protective spray to keep moisture, sunlight and adheres chalk to paper.

What is Mixed Media? A watercolor background gives the portrait a more "artsy" and "flow" to it instead of a stark background.  Additional sprays of acrylic add grit and texture.

Sizes & Prices for Pastels:

*These are sizes most standard frames would fit but all sizes can be customized to your needs.

Sizes & Prices

5" x 5" ...... $125

8" x 8" ...... $150

8" x 10" ..... $150

9" x 12"...... $175*

11" x 14" .... $200

12" x 12" .... $200

12" x 16"..... $250* 

*best size for multiple subjects

Anything larger, suggested acrylic on canvas.

Pencil rendering

  • Inexpensive

  • Must be framed under glass

  • Includes standard white matte

  • Protective spray to keep moisture, sunlight and adheres chalk to paper.

Sizes & Prices

8" x 10" .....  $125

11" x 14" ..... $150

12" x 16"..... $200* 

*best size for multiple subjects

Tiny Hats Prices & Info

Tiny Hats for all!

Custom Tiny Hats make any occasion more silly and fun!  These hats are made from virtually indestructible materials for long time wear in rain or shine!  Each hat is made individually when ordered so you can customize style of hat, colors, accents, and more.  

Find them at Dogwood Dog PlayPark and Mobile Truck.

Find them at Dogwood Dog PlayPark and Mobile Truck.

They are great for:

-Weddings & Receptions - Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties - Birthday Parties; Adults & Kids - Holidays - Baby Showers - Costume Parties - Sporting Events - Pets - Every Day!


Individual Custom hat ranges from $8 to $20.  

Standard Top Hat: $8 each

Add ons: Lace up back, ribbons, vail, or flower; subject to additional cost

Sparkly Crown: $7.50

Flowers: $8.50 each

Bows:  SMALL: $2.50 each  MED/LG: $4.50 each  

Custom hats specially made?  Sports teams hats and wording especially require more detail and time.  $10-15 each

FAQs :

How does the tiny hat stay on? I have worn my fair share of tiny hats!  I will make my recommendation based on what the event is and who will be attending. When you order, make sure to specify if you would like a HEADBAND for all sizes and hair, CLIP barrette for any hairstyle with some hair, (obviously not good for dudes with shaved or little hair) or elastic band for all sizes especially for very young children but maybe not so great for the hair conscious ladies (it tends to make your hair look like a 5 year old.)  

Do you offer bulk discounts?  Of course!  Prices start to adjust at 12 hat orders or if event is for a fundraiser or charity.

Paper Flowers Prices & Info

Custom Paper Flowers are a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Choose your favorite colors, textures, flowers and more.  

Each arrangement includes supplemental flowers & handmade base included

Long Stem Rose                 $ 5

Small Bouquet                   $30

Large Bouquet                   $60

Dozen Rose Bouquet         $80

Wedding Bouquets            $75 each with the expectation of 6 tables or more.