Kaitlin Robinson

In art...and in life...I feel the need to challenge myself creatively in everything I do...that is my “calling”.  Here is a collection of different aspects of art that I have tried to learn and create and thrive in.  Everything from custom pet portraits and traditional painting, to costume design, paper sculptures, and graffiti reside in these pages. I, as a person and an artist, am always changing and growing and thus my artwork does as well. Welcome and thank you for stopping by.

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October 20, 2019 10am-3pm

Fremont Sunday Market hosting a puptastic event featuring 20 of the best pet related booths in the Seattle area! Make sure to come by to check out new tiny hat designs and a special treat at the Kait’s Calling booth!

Oh my God, Kait! It is so perfect! It is such a beautiful portrait. It really captures Heidi and you picked gorgeous colors. I cannot thank you enough. I will cherish this forever.
— Erin Nielsen, Satisfied Client